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senior running marathon

The Best Sports For Seniors To Stay Active

Found in Fitness and Health.

Most seniors want to live active, healthy and independent lives for as long as possible – a life that allows them to enjoy many years of travel, hobbies like gardening and walking, shopping, and visits with friends ...

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woman stretching

The 10 Best Warm-Up Exercises for Young Gymnasts

Found in Fitness and Health.

Gymnastics is a fun and creative sport with incredible health benefits.However, warming up for gymnastics can be a tricky task. After all, gymnasts must be ready to run, jump, balance, swing, stand on their hands, push, ...

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10 Key Considerations When Choosing a Fitness Gym

Found in Fitness and Health.

For active-minded people, choosing a fitness gym is like finding a good life or business partner – at a very basic level, you want a sense of comfort, stability, and satisfaction with the relationship. At a higher leve ...

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Niagaras Semi-Pro Sports Teams

Where to Watch Niagara’s Semi-Pro Sports Teams

Found in Sports Events.

All avid sports fans can remember the first time they stepped into a stadium to watch a professional sports team play – eyes wide at the monstrous-sized facilities and massive lights and jumbotron, ears full of loud mu ...

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marital arts training

7 Benefits of Mastering Mental Strength through Martial Arts Training

Found in Fitness and Health.

The Best Sport for Mastering Self-Discipline…At Any Age Martial Arts training, such as karate, judo, and taekwondo, combine strength and fitness with a specific focus on the development of mental strength, like self-di ...

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youth sports

When is the Best Time to Start Your Child in Sports?

Found in Youth Sports.

You know you have an athlete but when should you enroll your child in sports? All parents want their child to live a healthy and happy life, with lots of friends and good memories.  Involving children in physical activi ...

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sports equipment for sale

5 Fun New Sports To Play in Niagara – Low Cost and Super Easy to Play

Found in Sports to Play.

Athletic and fun-loving people are always looking for something new to try on the field or court of play –   for fun and fitness, for competition, or simply out of curiosity or boredom. There are always new sport ...

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