5 Fun New Sports To Play in Niagara – Low Cost and Super Easy to Play

Athletic and fun-loving people are always looking for something new to try on the field or court of play – for fun and fitness, for competition, or simply out of curiosity or boredom.

There are always new sports to play in Niagara and you can find them on Local Sport Search. The following five fun new sports that popped up in Niagara in recent years fit the bill on all counts and if you don’t believe me, just ask people playing them!

coed pickleball league


According to the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association), the sport Pickleball was created by three American dads who wanted to help their bored children have some new summer fun.

Described by many as fun and very social, it is a combination of badminton, tennis and table tennis. The court is the same size as doubles badminton, the net is low like in tennis, and players uses wooden paddles as in table tennis.  The ball is a light, plastic wiffle-like ball.Pickleball, as a sport, has moved at an insane speed of popularity across the U.S.A, Canada, Europe and Asia. This is one of the new sports to play as it becomes more popular in Niagara.                                          

Player Equipment needed:

  • Paddles and Pickleballs

  • Running shoes

One of the most popular venues to pick up and play Pickleball in Niagara is at: Niagara-on-the-lake Pickleball Club

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kids playing futsal


A form of indoor soccer, Futsal was invented by a teacher in Uruguay who was looking for an easy game for children to play on a YMCA indoor basketball court.

Sometimes called 5 Aside or Mini-Soccer, it is comprised of 5 on 5 teams and the ball used is similar to soccer, just smaller and heavier. A FIFA-sanctioned sport, Futsal is growing in popularity among children and adults around the world.

It’s fun and high energy and helps to develop and maintain the pass and touch maneuvers required of players in a regular soccer game.

Player Equipment needed:

  • team jersey

  • shorts and socks

  • shin guards

  • indoor running shoes

One of the most popular venues to pick up and play Futsal in Niagara is at: Futb0l Niagara 

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kids playing dodgeball


A classic elementary school gym class activity for generations of students, Dodgeball has grown recently in popularity, complexity, and competitiveness.

Although this is not a new sport to play because of the introduction at a younger age – it has become popular for adults to join leagues and relive a childhood sport.

The key to winning at dodgeball is to effectively execute the five Ds, “dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge again”. 

Did you know that Team Canada has a Dodgeball team?  And that the World Dodgeball Association holds an annual Dodgeball Word Cup event? The first World Cup took place in England and last year’s event took place in New York City.

More than just fun; a serious and talented Dodgeballer may also need a passport!

Player Equipment needed:

  • team jersey,

  • indoor running shoes,

  • knee pads for diving (optional)

One of the most popular venues to pick up and play dodgeball in Niagara is at: Niagara Rec Sports

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youth playing flag football

Flag Football

Flag football is non-contact, fun and safe. For new and young players, flag football builds on skills and strategy associated with traditional football.

Canadian flag football is played recreationally as well as competitively at the provincial, national and international level. Believed to have started on American military bases as a form of recreation for soldiers, the sport has grown in popularity across the nation. 

Players can start playing the game as early as 5 years of age and it is a safe way to introduce the rules and develop the skills required to play Football.

Player Equipment needed:

  • team jersey

  • shorts and socks

  • football or soccer cleats

  • flag belt

  • football gloves (optional)

  • mouth guard (recommended)

One of the most popular venues to pick up and play Flag football in Niagara is at: Niagara Youth Flag Football

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ultimate frisbee leagues in Niagara

Ultimate Frisbee

A high-energy, non-contact team sport played with a flying disc, more commonly known as a Frisbee.  A group of young men in New Jersey is credited with creating Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee is popular on school campuses and wherever large patches of grass are found. The game is simple, and unique in that it uses no referees, relying instead on players to call the rules.

This is one of those new sports to play because of the competitiveness formed through modifying a simple activity. 

Player Equipment needed:

  • team jerseys

  • indoor running shoes or outdoor cleats

  • Frisbee 

One of the most popular venues to pick up and play Ultimate Frisbee in Niagara is at: Niagara Ultimate 

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Every year, the Olympics Committee reviews the status of new and emerging sports.  Who knows?  With time, ever-increasing success and popularity, Canada’s National Pickleball Champions may soon be standing on a podium wearing Gold, Silver or Bronze medals around their necks for the whole world to see!

Did you know…there are over 350 organized sports leagues and sports-based facilities in the Niagara Region?  Find your place on a roster, or in the stands. 

Play Sports. Watch Sports. Live well. Have Fun. Pass it on.

There’s always something sports-related happening somewhere in Niagara.  Check out the sports event listings on Local Sport Search