The Most Important Benefits Of Playing Sports

There is no disputing the physical value of participating in sports, but in addition to fitness, there are also important mental and social benefits of playing sports that are often overlooked and overseen.

Let’s Get Physical


Look no further than the heart when searching for where the body benefits most from participating in sports.  Depending on the intensity level of the sport being played, an increase in heart rate level because of sports will lead to a much healthier heart.

Heart disease is a very common problem in the world today.  Playing sports increases your cardio, and therefore, reduces the risk of heart-related issues.  According to a study by the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, playing racquet sports like tennis or badminton, or participating in aerobics or exercise classes, overwhelmingly reduced the rates of cardiovascular death. 

The statistics from the study are jaw dropping as swimming reduced the rate by 41%, racquet sports 56%, and aerobic exercising reduced the rate by 36%. 

Increased activity and cardio from playing sports, will lead to reduced body fat.  The more physically intense the sport is, the better, but it is not the only solution. 

Lower intensity sports can benefit those who are unable to go all out when playing.  Simply put, burn more calories than you consume. 


Combining a solid routine of strength building exercises, and playing sports can lower the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association

What are some safe, healthy, but most importantly fun sports to play that will help in the fight against diabetes?

Cycling, rowing, swimming, tennis, and jogging, are some great ways to ensure a diabetic-free life. 

How’s Your Blood Pressure?

The Mayo clinic uses the term aerobic, to recommend exercises that can assist in lowering or controlling your blood pressure.  An aerobic exercise is anything that combines using multiple muscles, in repetitive and rhythmic motions. 

Internationally, there is no standard for how much playing sports you have to do to control your blood pressure. There is a general guideline that you can follow, and adjust to your own leisure. 

For lower to moderate intensity sports, 5 hours a week, and approximately 2.5 hours per week of “vigorous-intensity” for those who like more of a physical challenge.

The Mentality Of Sports!

Feeling A Little Stressed?  The Harvard Medical School says sports reduce stress-inducing hormones (Adrenaline and Cortisol), while simultaneously stimulating your endorphins, elevating your mood level, and creating a sense of calm. 

Arguably the most important benefits of playing sports are the weight loss, muscle development, improved cardio, and lowered health risks that will positively affect your self-esteem, and increase your confidence. 

Friends For Life?

How many of you have remained friends with people you played youth sports with? 

Being a member of a sports club, team, organization, can build bonds that last forever.  Neighbourhood adult and youth sports leagues or local community centers attract many different people from all corners of the world.

It’s never too late to get into sports, seniors and adults can join leagues that benefit their level of experience. For youth sports you can find camps, development classes or leagues to join at any age. If you are wondering when is the best time to get your kids involved in sports? The answer is the sooner the better.

Whatever your background, playing on the same team, in the same sport, unites enthusiastic fans of the sport, and tears down barriers of race and social standing. 

Playing sports with people of diverse backgrounds can also lead to networking opportunities. 


Individual or team sports promote teamwork.  The captain of sports teams is usually the coach’s decision, the players who exemplify leadership skills have the best chances. 

Managers, presidents, and CEO’s, share the qualities that a captain of a team must possess.  A calm, professional attitude, particularly under pressure situations arise from being a captain.

It is not only to follow the leader either.  All good leaders take the advice of their teammates, or support staff, for the greater good of the whole team. 

Final Word

The belief that playing sports is good for you, probably is the overstatement of a lifetime.  In addition to lowering health risks, improving your overall physical fitness, participating in sports carries mental benefits that can outlast the physical ones. 

Meeting new people, making new friends, reducing stress, and being part of a team, are mental benefits of sports that can start as children, and last well into our adult years. 

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