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Pelham Sports Leagues

Pelham is home to many sports leagues and facilities including the Meridian Community Centre. Browse the interactive map or use the search bar to filter based on golf courses, fitness gyms, dance studios, sporting events and sports leagues.

There is something for everyone – find and register for a sports league near you or join a fitness gym to stay active.

Looking For Something To Play?

playing pickleball
A Game of Pickleball

You will find a mix of youth and adult sports to play in Pelham. Hockey, basketball and golf are very popular amongst the residents. Pelham is home to one of the top rated golf courses in Canada - Lookout Point.

Grab your friends or coworkers and register for a Pelham sports league in any season. Recreational and competitive level sports leagues are available all year round.

If you are looking for something fun to play, you should try Pickleball. It's a great sport to stay active for all ages and you can find a league in Pelham.

Several fitness gyms are located in Pelham with a variety of classes that are perfect for all levels of endurance. Looking to get in shape or stay active - join a Pelham fitness gym today.

Youth Sports in Pelham

Playing sports at a young age have several benefits including a healthy active lifestyle, developing sport and social skills as well as learning to play in a team environment. There is no wrong time to sign up for youth sports, you can find a program available for all ages.

Pelham has a variety of youth sports ranging from dance studios, indoor and outdoor sports, youth golf lessons and youth sports camps. Some of the most popular youth sports in Pelham include the Pelham Panthers Basketball league, Pelham Minor Hockey and Pelham Minor Baseball. Use the map above to filter youth sports to find a league or camp that is available around your schedule.

Youth financial grants and programs are available for many Pelham youth sports leagues.